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 +90 216 651 75 86

 Fındıklı Mahallesi Hancıoğlu Caddesi No : 96, Tangaloğlu Apartmanı Daire : 3, 34854 Maltepe, Istanbul, Turkey

VARDA Engineering and Consultancy is a Company which provides service through a team of naval architects, ship masters, and chief engineers who have been providing consultancy services since 1992 for the support of activities for the maritime business and ship construction in the following fields: Design, Engineering, Architecture, Audit, Construction, Repair, Operation and Restoration of Commercial Ships, Military Ships, Yachts, Oceangoing Ships and Shore Facilities. VARDA Engineering and Consultancy has made it to its principle to work with a competent team of specialists in various areas of expertise who are capable of creating added value to their fields of business. The company strives to harmonize competent, strong, solution-oriented and efficient team-spirit with experience and dynamism. VARDA Engineering and Consultancy endeavors to work customer-focused and to merge its experience and corporate Know-How that it has gathered in its projects, with local and global expectations. With this Idea, the company has gained a place in the maritime sector as a solution partner which provides economic, reliable, comfortable, esthetic and environmentally conscious services.